College Planning That Used to Take Months...

Now Takes Minutes.
Amazing new software zeros in on schools that best fit your academic and financial needs 
Spare yourself the long and arduous ordeal trying to determine which of thousands of colleges are the right ones to apply to. 
My College Knowledge does all the legwork for you, gathering the latest information from numerous authoritatitve sources, a task almost impossible to accomplish on your own. 
All it takes is just 10-15 minutes to input your major areas of academic interest, financial requirements and other priorities. 

My College Knowledge Checks Off All of These College Planning Boxes: 

  • Offers Highly Ranked Schools by Major Chosen
  • Offers up to 9 Additional Schools That Meet Student's Demographic Needs
  • Projects Cost of Colleges and Universities Students Are Most Interested In.
  • Computes Expected Average Salary for Major Chosen
  • Provides Guides to Grants, SAT/ACT Testing, School Choice and Cash Flow
  • Planning Checklist for FAFSA Submission, Award Letters and Key Dates
  • Calculates Your EFC (Expected Family Contribution)
  • Calculates Need-Based Aid Potential for Schools Selected
  • Estimates Gift Aid from Schools Students Are Interested In
  • Estimates Self-Help Aid Schools Typically Do Not Cover
  • Projects Merit-Based Potential Aid from Test Scores
  • Provides a University's Generosity Score (Typical Need-Based Aid)
  • Additional Downloadable Guides to Scholarships, Loans and Generosity Lists
  • Glossary of Important College Planning Terms
  • And Much, Much More!
  • So many great colleges are often overlooked because families just can't research them
    all. So much generous aid is left on the table because students aren't even aware of it.
    And so many perfect-fit schools are never applied-to because it's virtually impossible to
    match them up with your needs.

    Until now. College Knowledge won't let you miss out on the financial aid and wonderful
    academic experience you seek. It's the software application that will help you find the
    ideal school that will pay off handsomely now…and well into the future.

Mark Warner: College Knowledge Guru

With eight children of his own to send to college, Financial
Advisor Mark Warner early on became a master at
maximizing private and public funds to finance a college

And for more than 20 years, he's shared that expertise with
his clients, structuring their finances and ensuring they do
not overpay for college.

Now, with the College Knowledge software program, you
can achieve in minutes what used to take weeks, even
months of planning. Start profiting from it today!